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A Twist in the Eye

Charles Wilkinson

...I can confidently go on to state that A Twist in the Eye is the most exciting collection of weird fiction (or strange fiction, if you will) that I have read for many years. Moreover, I am confident that after the reader has gone through the tales he or she will be as amazed as I am that Charles Wilkinson is not far better known and appreciated in the field...
- Mark Samuels in his introduction

A Twist in the Eye
A Twist in the Eye

Throughout the sixteen stories collected in this remarkable book Charles Wilkinson explores themes of place, ritual, identity, death and transmutation with a rare, if not utterly unique, confidence. They are enigmatic but never vague, dreamlike but never illogical, horrifying but only occasionally visceral. Few writers can write ‘weird’ with so convincing a voice.

The full table of contents is as follows:

Introduction by Mark Samuels
The Human Cosmos
Hidden in the Alphabet
Line of Fire
In His Grandmother’s Coat
Night in the Pink House
Cold Plate
The World Without Watercress
Gold in Ash
An Invitation to Worship
The Investigation of Innocence
A Lesson from the Undergrowth
Watchers in the Wood

The book is a lithographically printed, 256 page sewn hardback with printed endpapers (by a follower of Bosch), limited to 260 copies. ISBN 978-0-993527821.


A Twist in the Eye

A Twist in the Eye

A Twist in the Eye

A Twist in the Eye



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