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Drowning in the Sky

Rebecca Lloyd

Drowning in the Sky

Drowning in the Sky features twelve dark-edged stories that take the themes of secrecy, identity, and family into strange and uncharted territories.

They are stories haunted by fickle memor- ies, familial disconnections, inherited fears and guilt. But they are also stories of liberation, of individuality, of breaking free from the constraints of the world and finding one's own place within it, or without it.

Unsettling, insightful and sometimes very funny, the rare and previously uncollected pieces in this collection showcase World Fantasy Award nominated* Rebecca Lloyd at her most marvellously unique.

The table of contents is as follows:

Drowning in the Sky
The Ringers
For Two Songs
The Brown Pool
What’s He Doing Now?
The Splendid Plan, Incommunicado
Dark Contaminator
I Seen Her

The book is a lithographically printed, 250 page hardback with printed endpapers; limited to just 300 copies.

ISBN: 978-1-838396060.

It can be ordered now for £40.00, inclusive of postage worldwide.

Please note that orders to EU countries may incur additional customs charges.

*For Mercy & Other Stories Tartarus Press, 2014.

Drowning in the Sky         Drowning in the Sky

Drowning in the Sky

Drowning in the Sky

Drowning in the Sky



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