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The Felicity of Epigones

Egaeus Press Keynote Edition II

Derek John

Felicity of Epigones

The Felicity of Epigones collects for the first time six tales of decadence and the supernatural by Derek John. Through these stories, we are led into buried chapels and fairylands, we bear witness to lost masterpieces and forgotten movies, and we meet a young man with a most unhealthy love for rare books.

Derek's writing is beautifully wrought, unnerving, profound and more than occasionally perverse. His work has appeared in Supernatural Tales as well as the books of Ex Occidente Press, Sarob Press, Swan River Press, Hieroglyphic Press and many others.

The full table of contents is as follows:

A Tale from Bede
Le Frotteur de Livres
In Our Deep Vaulted Cell
A Note from the Archivist
Cosmogony of Desire

Features seven illustrations by Hans Rigo Kluger.

The book is a lithographically printed, 192 page pocket sized sewn hardback (105mm x 165mm); limited to 275 copies. It is the second of the Egaeus Press Keynote Editions. ISBN 978-0-993527814. Published May 2016.


Felicity of Epigones

Felicity of Epigones

Felicity of Epigones



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