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The Sad Eyes
of the Lewis Chessmen

Egaeus Press Keynote Edition VIII

George Berguño


The Sad Eyes of the Lewis Chessmen features nine stories that explore the consequences of witnessing the impossible and the incomprehensible.

The stories plunge the reader into a world where the hideous meets the weird, where the beautiful clashes with the uncanny, and, importantly, where a moment in time overthrows the whole of one’s life. The settings and tones of the stories are remarkably varied. There are stories set in medieval Iceland, in nineteenth-century Egypt, in twentieth-century Russia, and in contemporary Britain. But there are also melancholic stories that unfold in timeless cities. The narrative tone of these tales is always urgent, as if the narrator were confessing to the reader some indescribable pain. Similar to the author’s previous works, the tales draw on folk motifs and legends from around the world; continuing the author’s enduring fascination with death, betrayal, and regret.

The full contents are as follows...

The Sad Eyes of the Lewis Chessmen
Flaubert’s Alexandrine
The Leviathan at Rifsker
The Son’s Crime
Billy Goat Blues
The Bannað
The Farewell Letter
The Woman from Malta
The Dogs of Valparaiso

The book is a lithographically printed, 188 page pocket sized hardback (105mm x 165mm); limited to 265 copies. It is part of the Egaeus Press Keynote Editions. ISBN 978-1-838396022.

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