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1st Apr 2017


Ladies & Gentlemen

We are very pleased to announce that our next publication will be a collection of stories from the incredible John Howard. BURIED SHADOWS will see publication at the beginning of June and will feature ten tales of lost geographies, curious architectures and forgotten faces...

Then, in September, we will publish THE GREENWOOD FAUN, by Nina Antonia. A beautiful, otherworldy novel which draws on the lost writings of Lucian Taylor and Lionel Johnson, the natural world and the preternatural; blurring facts and fictions.

More details of both projects will be announced in the weeks, months to come, as well as being posted right here

1st Apr 2017


Stephen J. Clark's IN DELIRIUM'S CIRCLE is now out of print. A marvellous, fully illustrated novel about one man's dizzying decent through the circles of a secret society of sinister game-players and the nebulous masters to whom they are enthralled; we are very happy to have had the chance to publish this book.

Thanks to everyone who purchased, reviewed and or mentioned it

If you missed out, you might perhaps check with Cold Tonnage or Jeff ‘n’ Joys Quality Books in case they still have a copy or two in stock.

Best of luck.

12th Mar 2017

Bastards of the Absolute

Adam S. Cantwell's collection BASTARDS OF THE ABSOLUTE is now out of print. Should you feel it to be conspicuously missing from your collection, Cold Tonnage appear to still have some, and there may be copies available with other dealers, should you wish to enquire with them.

The book was praised by Thomas Ligotti no less, and we are very pleased to have published it.

11th February 2017

Murder Ballads
Available for pre-order...

A collection of seventeen dark tales & novellas, in which some of today’s finest weird story writers provide previously unpublished work inspired by traditional murder ballads. The results are sometimes enigmatic, sometimes witty, sometimes desperately grim; just like the songs they often appear to belong outside — either before or after — recorded time, in some malleable epoch of blood-drenched mythology. They channel not only these ballads, but also that certain brand of outmoded publication which once revelled so joyfully in all manner of luridness; publications such as The Newgate Calendar, The Illustrated Police News and of course the Victorian Penny Dreadful.

Publication 20th Feb 2017.

See HERE for more information and to pre-order.

21st December 2016


A brief but sizeably heart-felt thank you to everyone who supported Egaeus Press in the course of 2016 through buying our books, reviewing them or other- wise spreading the good word. À votre santé my friends.

We have several very exciting projects lined up for 2017, and news is imminent. Keep watching the skies, and Happy Holidays to you all.


5th November 2016

Midwinter Entertainment

Now available for pre-order :- A MIDWINTER ENTERTAINMENT, featuring many curious pieces, including several newly written stories (amongst them a brand new Connoisseur tale by Mark Valentine & John Howard), a smattering of rarely collected obscurities, a couple of never before translated artefacts and much more.

See HERE for more information, and to order.

Official publication will be on the 24th of November 2016 and all copies will be sent out on, or before that date.

24th September 2016

Murder Ballads

In the early months of 2017, Egaeus Press will publish MURDER BALLADS, an anthology of stories inspired by that ancient oral tradition: Tales that share the intimacy of a fireside song, a family secret, a Victorian melodrama or the crumbling front page of a tawdry antique newspaper. They range from the folkish to the mythic; from the stuff of disquieting nursery rhymes to cautionary fables of crime and punishment: Sometimes tragic, occasion- ally humorous, often frightening, and frequently reminiscent of something from a blood-soaked penny-dreadful.

The book will feature new and previously unpublished short stories by Timothy J. Jarvis, Reggie Oliver, Angela Slatter, Helen Marshall, Rhys Hughes, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Daniel Mills, Lisa L Hannett, Philip Fracassi, Louis Marvick, Avalon Brantley, Brendan Connell, Stephen J. Clark, Colin Insole, Alison Littlewood, Charles Schneider and Albert Power.

More information will be made available as it comes to light.

17th September 2016


The next Egaeus Press book will be A MIDWINTER ENTERTAINMENT and will be published in November.

A collection of curious stories, poems and miscellanea dedicated to short, yellowish days and long nights, to heavy curtains and the cracks and pops of burning logs, to frost-encroached byways and sturdy old inns, to skeletal trees and hungry black birds; and to Christmas of course and all that comes with it.

It will feature a new Connoisseur adventure by Mark Valentine & John Howard, two remarkable George Berguño translations of previously untranslated French pieces, as well as works by Alison Littlewood, Vincent O’Sullivan, Ron Weighell, Sheryl Humphrey, Avalon Brantley, Sara Rich, Nina Antonia, Tina Rath, Jonathan Wood, Jane Fox and Ross Smeltzer, amongst others.

The perfect festive gift! More information in the weeks to come.

13th August 2016

A Twist in the Eye

A TWIST IN THE EYE the new collection of stories by Charles Wilkinson is now available to pre-order.

Charles's remarkably assured writing is enigmatic but never vague, dreamlike but never illogical, horrifying but only occasionally visceral. Few writers can write ‘weird’ with so convincing a voice.

For more information or to pre-order, see HERE.

6th August 2016

A Twist in the Eye

Ladies & Gentlemen

The next Egaeus Press publication will be A TWIST IN THE EYE by Charles Wilkinson.

Described by Mark Samuels in his introduction as "the most exciting collection of weird fiction .... that I have read for many years."

It will be available to pre-order from this website on the 13th August, and more information will be made available then.

Thank you.

30th April 2016

Keynote Editions

We are very pleased to announce that the first two Egaeus Press Keynote Editions are now available for pre-order from our CATALOGUE page.

RAGMAN & OTHER FAMILY CURSES features four previously unpublished novellettes by World Fantasy Award nominated author Rebecca Lloyd, while THE FELICITY OF EPIGONES contains six tales of decadence and profundity from Derek John.

These books are available for £22.00 each, inclusive of postage worldwide, or, for a limited time, £40.00 as a pair.

Official publication will be on the 6th of May.

The Egaeus Press Keynote Editions will be an ongoing series, presenting the best contemporary writers of weird fiction in high quality, pocket sized hardbacks (105mm x 165mm).

6th February 2016

Brutal Pantomimes

BRUTAL PANTOMIMES, the new book by Rhys Hughes is now available to PRE-ORDER.

Ten tales of absurd exoticism, weird adventure and wild fantasy, some of which are regarded by their author to be amongst his best works.

Enjoy pirate shenanigans, a globe of the Earth that is a voodoo doll, the dubious gifts of a Greek god, impossible angles, improbable sciences, impractical philosophies, a rare tropical yeti in a submarine and so much more.

Plus, concealed randomly throughout the first 100 copies ordered directly from this website are a number of handwritten Rhys Hughes manuscripts (number to be confirmed). Get in early to stand a chance of securing one; but remember, it is random!

See HERE for further information.

30th January 2016

The website has been thoroughly revamped in preparation for a number of impending projects (including the EGAEUS PRESS KEYNOTE EDITIONS, of which more details soon).

Feel free to take a browse...

22nd December 2015

An enormous thank you to everyone and anyone who purchased Egaeus Press books in 2015.


It's been a successful year in every sense. Adam Cantwell's BASTARDS OF THE ABSOLUTE caused discord and wonder, and our homage to the great god, SOLILOQUY FOR PAN sold phenomenally well, and continues to do so in its second printing.

2016 looks likely to be our most prolific year. In February, BRUTAL PANTOMIMES, a new collection of short stories, novellettes and novellas from Rhys Hughes will see publication. Then, in the month or so after that we will be launching EGAEUS PRESS KEYNOTE EDITIONS: pocket sized single author limited editions, the first two of which come courtesy of Rebecca Lloyd and Derek John.

And there's more... Later in the year we'll publish the first collected edition of very weird tales by Charles Wilkinson, then a somewhat crepuscular anthology of sorts, and something utterly wonderful to close the year... but let's leave a few surprises.

Details will, at any rate, be announced in due course.

Meanwhile, again, thank you, and a pleasant yule to you all.

19th September 2015

Soliloquy for Pan

Pan is here!

The much anticipated second printing of SOLILOQUY FOR PAN is now available to order HERE.

Don't forget, the first printing sold out in just 2 weeks!

22th August 2015

Pan returns!

Soliloquy for Pan

Following the spectacular success of the first run of SOLILOQUY FOR PAN, a second printing will be available to pre-order from this website on the 19th of September. The official publication date will be the equinox (the 23rd of September).

The new printing will have a different Pan on the cover, and different endpapers. It will be limited to 200 copies, and cost £35 including postage worldwide.

Join our mailing list (by inserting your address in the field on the right) to receive updates.

Remember, the first printing sold out in just 2 weeks!

19th June 2015

Adam Cantwell's brilliant story collection BASTARDS OF THE ABSOLUTE, is still available HERE, and continues to garner praise.

Not only has Thomas Ligotti said of these tales 'They could be fairly equated with the works of Kafka or Borges if their prose were not so luxuriant and surprising at every turn' but a recent review by George Lea for GINGER NUTS OF HORROR called it 'one of the most impressive titles I've read for some time.'

The full review can be seen HERE.

13th June 2015

Soliloquy for Pan

The great goat-god is here!

SOLILOQUY FOR PAN, Egaeus Press's most ambitious book is now available for pre-order. Official publication is set for the solstice: the 21st of June.

Please see HERE for information.

16th May 2015

"Pan ! Pan ! O Pan ! bring back thy reign again
Upon the earth !"


This June will see the publication of Egaeus Press's most ambitious book to date, SOLILOQUY FOR PAN. A 350 page illustrated compendium of works in praise, in fear, in contemplation of the great goat-god Pan.

The book will feature new and previously unpublished writing by Reggie Oliver, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Adrian Eckersley, John Howard, R.B. Russell, Lynda E. Rucker, D.P. Watt, Sheryl Humphrey, Stephen J Clark, Nina Antonia, Mark Valentine, John Gale, Nick Freeman, Jonathan Wood, Charles Schneider, Diane Champigny, Bethany van Rijswijk, Colin Insole and Martin Jones; as well as archive material by Dion Fortune, Robert Louis Stevenson, Henry Wood Nevinson, A.C. Benson, Lord Dunsany, Robert Frost, Ivar Campbell and Harry Fitzgerald. And more besides.

Further details will be made available in the weeks to come. Stay close.



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