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7th September 2019



Good people, this season shall see the publication of A MISCELLANY OF DEATH AND FOLLY: A harmless little trifle containing fiction, poetry and all manner of titbits pertaining to the stupidities of life and the absurdities of death.

More details will follow in the weeks to come.

Looking a little further on, John Howard's THE VOICE OF THE AIR will at last be published. It is a collection of three novellas, all concerning the restless world of Dr Cristian Luca, Professor of Architecture and Planning at the University of Steaua de Munte.

Beyond that? Be ready for poison books and haunted houses in 2020, and more from our Keynote imprint.

(Drawing: Alfred Kubin's "The Mask Of Death", 1918)

15th June 2019

Pure Will

We are very pleased to announce the publication of Farah Rose Smith's OF ONE PURE WILL.

There are eighteen short pieces here: strange, decadent, restless stories which seem to map their very own atticspace at the edge of the waking world: A treacherous, amorphic region, shewn in a style that writhes and twists, but is never out of Farah Rose Smith's meticulous control.

The book is limited to just 300 copies.

For further details, or to order, see HERE.

9th May 2019

John Gale's SARABAND OF SABLE has slipped out of print. Many thanks to everyone who purchased copies.

20th April 2019

Crimson Sun

Now available for pre-order: CHILDREN OF THE CRIMSON SUN by Karim Ghahwagi. One of our series of pocket sized Keynote editions.

A diptych of dark, richly wrought, strange tales, exploring faith, identity, and those mysterious currents which inhabit the spaces in between them. At once psychological tales of mounting spiritual horror, and investigations into the dark fantastic.

Our official publication date is 27th April 2019.

For more details and to order, please see HERE.

2nd March 2019


The next Egaeus Press publication will be another in our series of Keynote edit- ions, namely CHILDREN OF THE CRIMSON SUN by Karim Ghahwagi, featuring two long pieces of beautiful, baroque phantasy. Publication is likely to be late April or early May, and further updates will follow in due course.

This will be followed by OF ONE PURE WILL, a wonderful collection of restlessly dreamish dark tales by Farah Rose Smith. Definitely not to be missed.

Our next anthology, A MISCELLANY OF DEATH AND FOLLY, about which we can disclose little but promise much, is taking shape for publication later in the year.

Unfortunately, the publication of the previously mentioned John Howard novella collection, THE VOICE OF THE AIR, has had to be delayed until late 2019 (possibly the beginning of 2020). It'll be worth the wait.

19th January 2019


Ladies & gentlemen,

THE BOOK OF FLOWERING has arrived...

A remarkable collection of eighteen new and previously unpublished fictions - exploring in their various ways, the concepts of fatal beauty and impermanence - from a rare ensemble of some of the greatest weird writers working today, including, among others, Reggie Oliver, V.H. Leslie, Mark Valentine, Colin Insole and Alison Littlewood.

Decadent, wondrous, sometimes disquieting, sometimes achingly beautiful, this book is limited to just 350 hardcover copies, featuring printed, colour endpapers by Toru Kamei.

For more details, and to order, please see HERE.

7th December 2018

Good people,

Another year turns towards its end, and there's much to look forward to in 2019...


THE BOOK OF FLOWERING will see publication in the second half of January: Featuring new tales of strangeness, beauty and impermanence by Mark Valentine, D. P. Watt, Jonathan Wood, Rebecca Kuder, V. H. Leslie, Reggie Oliver, Charles Schneider, Thomas Strømsholt, Damian Murphy, Timothy J. Jarvis, Mat Joiner, Ron Weighell, Tiffani Angus, Sheryl Humphrey, Colin Insole, Alison Littlewood, John Gale and N. A. Jackson. More details will be disclosed in the weeks to come.

This book will be followed by a collection of rare or unpublished novellas by the uniquely talented John Howard, entitled THE VOICE OF THE AIR; and then, a marvellously eclectic compendium of morbid, irreverent and fantastical writings by various authors, entitled A MISCELLANY OF DEATH AND FOLLY. There are more publications in the works, but I'm afraid you'll just have to wait a little longer for that.

An enormous thank you to everyone who has purchased from and supported Egaeus Press in the last 12 months: Very much appreciated. And should our paths not cross again in the next few weeks, a Merry Yuletide and a happy new year to you all.

(Drawing taken from Fridtjof Nansen's In Northern Mists, 1911)

24th November 2018


The next Egaeus Press publication will be THE BOOK OF FLOWERING. It will come to full bloom, a little later than expected, in the second half of January, 2019.

Comprising 18 pieces of strange and decadent fiction by some outstanding authors, it should not be missed.

More information will be made available this side of the festive period.

Thank you.

3rd November 2018

Splendid in Ash

Charles Wilkinson's new collection SPLENDID IN ASH is now available to order...

Seventeen previously uncollected stories (plus an introduction by John Howard) which manage, with seeming effortlessness, to take ordinary things into extraordinarily strange places.

This book is likely to join Charles's previous (long out of print) Egaeus Press collection, A TWIST IN THE EYE (2016), as a much sought after and highly regarded example of weird fiction at its most disquieting.

Limited to just 300 copies.

For more information or to order a copy see HERE.

9th September 2018

And alas, A MIDWINTER ENTERTAINMENT is now, again, out of print.

Thank you all for your orders.

8th September 2018


A month or so ago the last copies of our splendid compendium of weird frosty miscellanea, A MIDWINTER ENTERTAINMENT were sold. Or so we thought.

This week, we discovered a box of copies, which had been incorrectly filed and are pleased therefore to put the book back on our CATALOGUE page.

Stocks are of course limited, so as the days begin to shorten (on our hemisphere at least) and our thoughts turn collectively to long nights by the fire (and troublesome Christmas ideas), we strongly recommend you snap one up soon, if you haven't already.

See HERE for more information or to order.

14th July 2018


John Gale's SARABAND OF SABLE is now available to preorder. This beautiful volume features eight of Gale's sumptuous strange tales; dreamlike at times, dense in their imagery yet delicate as dimming perfume.

Presented as part of Egaeus Press's pocket-sized Keynote editions, it is limited to a mere 220 copies.

The official publication date is 20th July.

See HERE for more details.

9th June 2018

Book of the Sea

A BOOK OF THE SEA is now officially in print.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered. All pre-ordered copies have been despatched, and you should receive them very soon.

You can still order this compendium of weird nautical mysteries and spook tales HERE.

Elsewhere, Charles Wilkinson's A TWIST IN THE EYE is now out of print. Copies may still be available through dealers. Thankfully, Egaeus Press will be publishing another collection of Wilkinson's inspiringly strange tales later this year. More news will follow, in due course.

26th May 2018

a book of the sea

Now available for preorder: A BOOK OF THE SEA...

A collection of strange or uncategorizable pieces from some of the finest authors in the field, for which the sea provides the great mystery; stories and poems which explore its pull on the human heart, its alienness, its treachery, its unfathomable vastness; and more than anything, what it makes humans do, be, become.

Official publication will be 8th June, with pre-ordered copies being delivered on that date.

Please see HERE for more details, or to order.

All aboard who's coming aboard...

5th May 2018


Good people, news of forthcoming attractions:

Firstly, and in answer to that question hovering on so many lips: A BOOK OF THE SEA will be available to pre-order in the first few days of June. A further announcement will follow when pre-ordering becomes available, so please keep looking to the horizon... This book will be limited to 400 copies, and will contain previously unseen works by Jane Jakeman, Rosalie Parker, Tom Johnstone, Colin Insole, Jonathan Eeds, Stephen J. Clark, Karim Ghahwagi, Michael Colangelo, Colin Fisher, George Berguño, Albert Power, Martin Jones, David Yates, S.A. Rennie, D.F. Lewis, Steven Pirie, Jonathan Wood, Tim Foley, Joseph Dawson, Charles Schneider and Richard Sheppard.

This publication will be followed, in a matter of a month or so with the forth in our occasional series of Egaeus Press Keynote Editions, showcasing some of the best in contemporary weird writers, in this case the iridescent John Gale, and a collection of very rare and previously unpublished tales and proems entitled SARABAND OF SABLE. More news of that soon.

Further, those willing to be patient, will, in the months to follow be treated to THE EGAEUS PRESS BOOK OF FLOWERS, and a new collected edition of the stories of Charles Wilkinson... but wait... not just yet...

Thank you all for your attention.

24th December 2017


The end of the year reels around again.

THANK YOU to everyone who purchased Egaeus Press books this year, and to all who mentioned us, submitted work or otherwise contributed in some way or other.

It's been a year of diverse, but collectively quintessential, Egaeus publications. We began with MURDER BALLADS: an anthology in the style of the penny dreadful, a shocker in 385 pages featuring weird and grim (and sometimes amusing) tales from some notable contemporary writers. Then there was John Howard's BURIED SHADOWS, a collection of ten tales of treacherous and amorphous geometries, geographies and architectures. We followed this with a Keynote edition of Paul StJohn Mackintosh's THE ECHO OF THE SEA & OTHER STRANGE WAR STORIES, in which folklore, ghosts and ancient forces encroach upon the matters of World War II. Finally, earlier this month, we were very pleased to publish Nina Antonia's novel THE GREENWOOD FAUN, a truly haunting story concerning love, death, insanity, books, ghosts, angels, nature gods and so much more.

I thank you all again for your interest. As for 2018, stick around; announcements are due in the weeks to come, and it looks like it might be another wonderful year.


2nd December 2017


Nina Antonia's weird, beautiful, sad, witty novel THE GREENWOOD FAUN is now available to pre-order.

Limited to 420 lithographically printed copies with colour endpapers, the book also features a foreword by Mark Valentine.

Please see HERE for more information, and to order a copy.

Official publication is the 5th of December (the ancient Roman festival of Faunalia).

“Decadent in style and, more importantly, in spirit, The Greenwood Faun captures the lush sentiment as well as the mordant irony of the fin-de-siècle, and contrives a delicate balance between them. I loved it.”

- Brian Stableford

11th November 2017


Some have noted a mention of our next publication, THE GREENWOOD FAUN by Nina Antonia, on the Wormwoodiana blog, and a reading the author will be making at Putney Library, London, on Wednesday 13 December between 6.45pm to 7.45pm. If you happen to be in the region, I'm sure you won't be disappointed, and mulled wine will be on hand to stave of the evening chill.

(For more information:
Tel: 020 8780 3085, or email:

The book itself will be available to order in the early days of December, certainly before Faunalia (5th of December). Further announcements will be made in the weeks to come.

It is a quite remarkable work...

“shot through with decadence, poetry, opium and incense . . .this is a beautifully written proem: witty, crepuscular, enchanting, surprising”

- David Tibet

21st October 2017

Echo of the Sea

Now available to pre-order, as part of Egaeus Press's pocket-sized Keynote Editions: THE ECHO OF THE SEA & OTHER STRANGE WAR STORIES by Paul StJohn Mackintosh.

The book features four wonderfully original short stories / novellas (three of which are previously unpublished) in which ghosts, Nordic folklore and ancient rituals encroach upon the very practical matters of WWII.

Official publication will be on 31st October 2017.

Please see HERE for more details.

10th June 2017

Buried Shadows

Now available for pre-order: BURIED SHADOWS by John Howard, one of the most highly regarded names in modern weird and fantastical fiction.

Through the ten previously uncollected stories and novellas included in this volume, we find ourselves transported between Berlin and Birmingham, Lisbon and Budapest, through towns and cityscapes of treacherous architectures and unquiet histories; through a world which vehemently refuses to lie still...

Publication 17th June 2017.

See HERE for more details.

29th May 2017

Soliloquy for Pan

The second, and very probably final printing of our mammouth 2015 compendium SOLILOQUY FOR PAN is now out of print.

It was our most popular book to date, and we thank everyone who purchased copies.

Sorry if you missed it, but I'm sure if you keep an eye out, secondhand copies will show themselves online from time to time.

29th Apr 2017


In the first half of 2018, we will publish a prestige limited volume of sea stories and poems, for which a small number of spaces are open to anyone who feels they're up to the submitting their work. But please read on carefully...

We are looking for strange or uncategorizable pieces for which the sea provides the great mystery; stories and poems which explore its pull on the human heart, its alienness, its treachery, its unfathomable vastness; and more than anything, what it makes humans do, be, become. We would encourage any potential contributors to have first sifted the psychic jetsam of Moby Dick and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Robinson Crusoe and The Sea Priestess; to know the sadness of faded stickers on the sides of antique cabin trunks, the exotic wonders of Kodachrome photos torn from vintage National Geographic, or an etching of extinct botany made on an extinct coastline, hundreds of years ago. We recommend for your voyage a figural cargo of nautical charts and sextant readings, tide tables and shipping registers, the last occupied hammocks on the Marie Celeste, salt crust and spider crabs, pleasure piers and penny arcades, squealing gulls, lighthouses and safe harbours, morse code and semaphore flags, diving helmets and deep sea currents, bells and creaking timbers, whale songs and sailor’s shanties, drowned men and ghost ships, seaweed and sea glass and sea swells and squalls.


Whether your submission takes place on dry land or on some gently tilting ship's deck, the important thing is that all the while we have at least one wary eye on the water, one eye on that frighteningly wide horizon.

We are NOT looking for monster stories (in the literal sense); NO Lovecraftian flights of cosmic / sub-aquatic fancy. However, the inclusion or allusion to sea serpents, mermaids and so on is not altogether out of the question, since they occupy so prized a space in Neptune's domain... Ultimately, these should be human tales.

Please have some idea of the sort of work we publish – its sensibilities and aesthetic - before submitting.


Submissions should be emailed as attachments to The deadline for submissions is the last day of 2017. Word limit for prose is anything from 1,000 to 12,000, with room for negotiation. No word limit for poetry. Payment is 60p per 100 words along with two copies of the finished book.

Space in this book is, as previously stated, limited, and we fully anticipate the heavy-hearted necessity for rejecting works of great merit. Please be aware of this, and please don't be too disappointed should this be your experience.

Do not lose sight of the sea.

Thank you.



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