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18th September 2021


Now available for pre-order: THE SAD EYES OF THE LEWIS CHESSMEN by George Berguño. Our eighth Egaeus Press Keynote Edition.

Nine stories that explore the consequences of witnessing the impossible and the incomprehensible. The stories plunge the reader into a world where the hideous meets the weird, where the beautiful clashes with the uncanny, and, importantly, where a moment in time overthrows the whole of one’s life.

Official publication will be 25th September 2021, with pre-orders being despatched on, or shortly before, that date.

See HERE for more details.

31st July 2021

Lewis Chessmen

This September, Egaeus Press will publish another of its occasional, pocket-sized Keynote editions.

THE SAD EYES OF THE LEWIS CHESSMEN by George Berguño will comprise nine short stories: some old pieces which have been substantially revised, and some altogether new ones. Further announcements will be made closer to publication.

17th July 2021


Now Available to order! AZERBAIJAN TALES by Albert Power.

Featuring three singularly decadent novellas

...Spectral retribution for attempted unmentionable sin in the Old City of Baku; the horror of a millennial burial pit in an abandoned church; sub-human linkages from dead aeons that brood beneath a mountain cave near Iran: offering apotropaic transmutations of carnality into a vehicle for redemption - but not invariably...

See HERE for more information and to order.

24th April 2021


In the first half of 2022, Egaeus Press will publish a prestige limited edition (as yet unnamed) volume of stories and poems on the theme of BIRDS, for which a small number of spaces are open to anyone who would like to submit their work.

We are looking for dark, antic, offbeat or uncategorizable pieces, taking on this loose and airy theme from real, re-imagined, imaginary, symbolic, metaphorical and/or mythical directions. The remit is open to most interpretations, though some knowledge of what Egaeus Press is all about – the sort of worlds which many of our publications occupy – is essential!

We will generally be avoiding monster stories, Horror stories (with a big H), the gritty or urban, anthropomorphic pieces, or general tales of avian invasion... unless by a stroke of genius there is a truly unexpected angle to be had from any of these!

Submissions should be emailed as attachments to The deadline for submissions is the last day of January 2022. Work which I feel may fit the bill will be shortlisted, with the final line-up decided shortly after that date.

Word limit for prose is anything from 1,000 to 12,000, with room for negotiation. No word limit for poetry. Payment is 75p per 100 words along with two copies of the finished book.

Space in this book is, as previously stated, limited, and we fully anticipate the heavy-hearted necessity for rejecting works of great merit. Please be aware of this, and please don't be too disappointed should this be your experience.

I look forward to seeing what strange birds hatch...

Thank you.
Mark Beech

[image: Creación de las aves by Remedios Varo]

10th April 2021

Mills of Silence

Now Available to order! MILLS OF SILENCE by Charles Wilkinson.

Through the course of eleven short stories and a previously unpublished novella, Wilkinson shows what lies beyond reality's gossamer veneer: the insidious agencies, mad philosophers, fake-philanthropic organisations and amorphous forces that are really running things!

This is Charles Wilkinson's third book with Egaeus Press, and as anyone familiar with his previous works will anticipate, an absolute must!

See HERE for more information and to order.

23rd January 2021

Bitter Distillations

We are delighted to announce that the second printing of CROOKED HOUSES : Tales of Cursed & Haunted Dwellings is now available to order.

An anthology of 17 haunted house stories, produced specifically for this project by many of the finest contemporary authors of weird and supernatural fiction; the first printing, in July 2020, was met with near-universal praise but sold out in just one week.

This new edition features an alternative cover and endpapers, taken from the same disquieting series of Fritz Schwimbeck prints; the contents are otherwise unchanged (with the exception of some minor tidying of the text).

Limited to just 250 copies: If you were unlucky enough to miss out the first time we would advise you to order sooner than later. It is extremely unlikely there will be a third printing.

For information, and to order, see HERE.

Bitter Distillations

But wait! BITTER DISTILLATIONS : An Anthology of Poisonous Tales is also once again available to order. See HERE.

Stocks are fairly low however, and may not last very long. You have been warned!

In the coming weeks, we shall have more information regarding forthcoming Egaeus Press publications.

Keep well and stay safe.

20th December 2020

Yes, I think we can all agree it's been a rum old year. But we hope you've found some pleasure or distraction in our publications and we thank you heartily for your custom.


Now, 2021 looms on the horizon - tentative but hopeful - and we'll have plenty to be getting on with here when it arrives...

As many will be aware, a number of copies of BITTER DISTILLATIONS: An Anthology of Poisonous Tales have needed reworking due to a fault in their binding, though we hope to have them back, and have the book back up for sale, in the next few weeks. An announcement will follow!

And oh yes! the much anticipated second printing of our haunted house anthology, CROOKED HOUSES, will be available to order in late January / early February. Featuring stories by Reggie Oliver, Rebecca Lloyd, Mark Valentine, Helen Grant, Steve Duffy and many others, the first printing of 300 copies sold out in under a week. We hope those who missed out the first time round will have the opportunity to snap one up. And for the hopeless completists, this edition will feature a different cover and endpapers, though very much in keeping with the aesthetic of the first. More details soon!

But meanwhile and again we say thank you, and wish you all a safe and pleasant festive season, and an even better new year.

[Image by James Foster Turner Wiseman, taken from Logs for the Christmas Fire. A selection of tales ... in prose and verse, riddles, charades, ... jokes, etc, by HARRIS, James - Rector of Paglesham, Essex. (1876).]

14th December 2020

Unfortunately, due to a binding error in about 50 copies of BITTER DISTILLATIONS: An Anthology of Poisonous Tales. they are having to be reworked by our printer and it is therefore temporarily unavailable to order. We hope that it will be available again in mid-january 2021. Apologies for any inconvenience. An announcement will be made when the reworked copies become available. (Sign up for emails!)

5th December 2020

Bitter Distillations

Now Available to order!

BITTER DISTILLATIONS: An Anthology of Poisonous Tales.

A collection of disquieting, disorientating and otherwise uncategorizable dark tales for which poison supplies inspiration.

18 new and previously unpublished pieces by Damian Murphy, Jonathan Wood, Rose Biggin, Timothy J. Jarvis, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Ron Weighell, Nina Antonia, Lisa L. Hannett, George Berguño, Sheryl Humphrey, Kathleen Jennings, Louis Marvick, Stephen J. Clark, Joseph Dawson, Yarrow Paisley, Jason E. Rolfe, Alison Littlewood and Carina Bissett.

For more information and to order see HERE.

17th October 2020


Now available for pre-order: BEATIFIC VERMIN by D.P. WATT. Our seventh Egaeus Press Keynote Edition.

Eleven tales of fragmenting identity, seething beauty, quiet anger and tumultuous imaginary voids. Herein, bodies relinquish their sensuous delights revealing layers of decay; secrets are made, and unmade; other worlds collide with ours, enticing us with pestilent wonders.

Official publication will be 24th October 2020, with pre-orders being despatched on, or shortly before, that date.

See HERE for more details.

3rd October 2020


Good people, a few items of news...

Firstly, we're pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of BEATIFIC VERMIN by D.P. WATT as part of our prestige, pocket-sized Keynote Editions. This book will consist of eleven of the author's singularly strange tales, four original to this book and all previously uncollected.

Expect publication later this month. Details soon.


In the latter part of November, we hope to be able to publish our long-awaited Poison anthology, now entitled BITTER DISTILLATIONS.


The book will comprise of eighteen sinister and intoxicating pieces courtesy of Damian Murphy, Ron Weighell, Lisa L. Hannett, Timothy J. Jarvis, Yarrow Paisley, Kathleen Jennings, George Berguño, Stephen J. Clark, Joseph Dawson, Carina Bissett, Alison Littlewood, Jonathan Wood, Nina Antonia, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Rose Biggin, Louis Marvick, Sheryl Humphey and Jason E. Rolfe.

Stay nearby for more information.


From a business point of view, a book selling-out as quickly as our recent CROOKED HOUSES anthology should have been cause for great celebration. However, conscientious citizens that we are, the party atmosphere was rather dulled by the knowledge that many readers had missed out in the rush.

We have decided therefore to have a small run of reprints made up for publication in the early part of 2021 (by the end of January, ideally). These will feature all the same stories as the first edition, though with a new cover (artwork yet to be confirmed).

A full announcement, with all the details, will be made this side of new year.

Thank you.

Images by Nicasius Russell, engraved by Jan Barra (c.1623) & Thomas Chatterton Taking the Bowl of Poison from the Spirit of Despair by John Flaxman (c.1780-1787) .

17th July 2020

Crooked Houses

Now available for pre-order! CROOKED HOUSES: Tales of cursed and haunted dwellings.

With this mammoth new anthology, Egaeus Press aims to reaclaim the haunted house tradition, not only from glossy movies, cartoons and television-era ghost hunters, but also from the Victorians, and the great, academic spook story authors of the 20th Century who sought to calibrate, anthro- pomorphise and provide justification for acts by forces which might hitherto have been considered beyond the scope of human comprehension.

Reggie Oliver, Mark Valentine, Helen Grant, Steve Duffy, David Surface, John Gale, Rebecca Lloyd, Colin Insole, Lynda E. Rucker, Carly Holmes, Rebecca Kuder, Richard Gavin, Albert Power, James Doig, Katherine Haynes, Jane Jakeman and Timothy Granville.

For information, and to order, see HERE.

13th June 2020

We hope you've all managed to keep safe and well over the last few tumultuous months. An enormous thank you to everyone who purchased Egaeus Press books during this time. I trust they entertained or otherwise proved respectably diverting.

As summer hobbles closer (for those of us in the northern hemisphere at least) yet holiday plans go unplanned, it seems unwittingly fortuitous to be able to hail our forthcoming anthology, dedicated, crookedly, to interior spaces, homes and residences (of a generally undesirable nature)...

Crooked Houses

CROOKED HOUSES will feature 17 previously unpublished tales of cursed and haunted dwellings. But don't be mistaken in thinking these are your run-of-the-mill, cosy, stuffy, fireside spook-tales; they taste of altogether older, rawer and often less tangible influences.

The entertainment will be provided by : Helen Grant, Reggie Oliver, Steve Duffy, Lynda E. Rucker, Mark Valentine, Rebecca Lloyd, Carly Holmes, John Gale, Richard Gavin, Rebecca Kuder, Albert Power, James Doig, Katherine Haynes, Colin Insole, David Surface, Jane Jakeman and Timothy Granville.

We are currently busy readying the manuscript for the printer, and intend to have the finished book available for order in the latter half of July.

Further announcements will follow.

Stay in touch. Stay safe. (Stay in doors?)

Image: The Houses Are Faces by Jean Veber (1899)

18th April 2020

Dark Nest

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that our latest Egaeus Press Keynote Edition is now available for pre-order.

THE DARK NEST by Sue Harper contains 49 short yet fully realised tales drawing on the Gothic, the surreal, the erotic, the blackly humorous: a dog who can talk, a woman whose skin becomes transparent, the discovery of a dead Martian in a wood, the purchase of a doll who comes alive.

The influence of Angela Carter and Margaret Atwood is clearly present in Sue's work, as well as that of the artists, Leonora Carrington and Dorothea Tanning.

Official publication will be the 25th of April.

For more information, and to order, see HERE.


In other news, we have extended the BOOK SALE for an extra week, but it will end on the 24th of April. (See below for details.)

21st March 2020



It seems wholly unnecessary to labour the point: we find ourselves in an era of uncertainty, anxiety, boredom. Perhaps we find ourselves with more empty time than usual on our hands, or a greater need for escapism, or simply less ready cash. With all these things in mind, and for a limited period, Egaeus Press has decided to lower the prices on some of our books.

The sale begins today and will last until 18th April, stocks permitting, and assuming the postal services continue uninterrupted.


Rhys Hughes's BRUTAL PANTOMIMES: £32.00 / £25.00

Farah Rose Smith's OF ONE PURE WILL: £33.00 / £25.00

John Howard's BURIED SHADOWS: £33.00 / £25.00

A BOOK OF THE SEA: £35.00 / £30.00

MURDER BALLADS: £35.00 / £30.00

Take Care everyone.

15th March 2020


THE TRANSFIGURATION OF MISTER PUNCH is now officially out of print, though copies may still be found with dealers.

An enormous thank you to everyone who purchased copies, and to D.P. Watt, Charles Schneider, and Cate Gardner for their excellent writings.

7th March 2020

Voice of the Air

Now available to order: THE VOICE OF THE AIR by JOHN HOWARD

This book brings together “The Fatal Vision” and “The Lustre of Time” - two novellas previously only published in highly limited editions - along with “The Process of Fire”, a previously unpub- lished novella continuing the chronicles of Cristian Luca, architect and academic of Steaua de Munte, amid the tumult of the mid-C20th.

See HERE for more information, and to order.

8th February 2020


Good people.

We're pleased to announce that our next publication will be THE VOICE OF THE AIR by JOHN HOWARD. Yes, at last! The book will comprise of three novellas, following architect and academic Cristian Luca through the tumult of the mid-C20th in the fictional Romanian town of Steaua de Munte.

As well as collecting the extremely rare "The Lustre of Time" and "The Fatal Vision", The Voice of The Air will also feature a new and previously unpublished novella in the Cristian Luca series, "The Process of Fire".

Publication will take place in the second half of March, and more information will be made available in the weeks to come.

The following months will also see the publication of CROOKED HOUSES, an anthology of tales of cursed and haunted houses, plus a rather dubious BOOK OF POISONS, and a couple of Keynote editions that no one should want to miss... But all in good time.

Stay close. You'll see.

Image by Josef Bartuska.

2nd November 2019


It's Día de Muertos (The Day of the Dead) and we're pleased to be able to announce the publication of A MISCELLANY OF DEATH & FOLLY.

A collection of weird prose, poetry and all manner of uncategorizable writings intended to provide a little entertain- ment amid this absurd, overlighted dream we call human life.

Features work by Cate Gardner, Albert Power, D.P. Watt, David Yates, Chris Kelso, Angela Slatter, Paul StJohn Mackintosh, Leena Likitalo, Adam Bolivar, Hayden Peters, Ismael Espinosa (translated by George Berguño), Icy Sedgwick, Kaaron Warren, Brendan Connell, Adriana Díaz Enciso, Suzanne J. Willis and Kayleigh Marie Edwards.

For information, and to order, see HERE.



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