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Of One Pure Will

Farah Rose Smith

Smith continues to prove her skills as an utterly remarkable storyteller. Her style is in no way gaudy or verbose—rather, she paints with her words, rendering expansive and hallucinatory visions with every sentence.
- Barry Lee DeJasu, New York Journal of Books

The painful intensities that Farah Rose Smith choreographs in her fiction are genuine, and urgent. For sensitivity, and for focus on the power of individual words, she is unmatched.
- Michael Cisco, author of Unlanguage

Pure Will

Of One Pure Will contains eighteen short pieces: strange, decadent, restless stories which seem to map their very own atticspace at the edge of the waking world: A treacherous, amorphic region, shewn in a style that writhes and twists, but is never out of Farah Rose Smith's meticulous control.

The full table of contents is as follows:

An Ethics of Magical Vulnerability: The Works of Farah Rose Smith by Fiona Maeve Geist
The Wytch-Byrd of The
In The Way of Eslan Mendeghast
Of Marble and Mud
The Visitor
The Land of Other
As Unbreakable as The World
An Account Above Burnside Park
As With Alem
Sorcerer Machine
Dark Ocean
Ash in The Pocket
folie à plusiers
Rithenslofer (The Corpses of Mer)
In The Room of Red Night
Of One Pure Will
Time Disease (In The Waking City)
The River

Among her living peers, I find resonances with the stellar work of Darren Speegle, Brendan Connell, Michael Cisco and Jonathan Carroll.
- Paul Di Filippo, author of The Steampunk Trilogy,
A Mouthful of Tongues
, and others

Farah Rose Smith is a distinctive, literary talent to watch.
- Jon Padgett, author of The Secret of Ventriloquism

The book is a lithographically printed, 192 page sewn hardback with artwork on the cover and printed endpapers by Julie Blankenship (Instagram: @privateyesf); limited to just 300 copies.

ISBN 978-1-916465732.

It can be purchased now for £33.00, inclusive of postage worldwide.

Please note that orders to EU countries may incur additional customs charges.

One Pure Will

One Pure Will

One Pure Will

One Pure Will



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