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Bitter Distillations
Bitter Distillations:
An Anthology of Poisonous Tales

ISBN 978-1-916465794
Published December 2020

Crooked House
Crooked Houses
(first printing)

ISBN 978-1-916465770
Published July 2020

Dark Nest
The Dark Nest
by Sue Harper

Keynote Edition VI
ISBN 978-1-916465763
Published April 2020

Saraband of Sable
by John Gale

Keynote Edition IV
ISBN 978-0-993527890
Published July 2018

Greenwood Faun
The Greenwood Faun
by Nina Antonia

ISBN 978-0-993527876
Published December 2017

Midwinter Entertainment
A Midwinter Entertainment

ISBN 978-0-993527838
Published November 2016

A Twist in the Eye
A Twist in the Eye
by Charles Wilkinson

ISBN 978-0-993527821
Published August 2016

Felicity of Epigones
The Felicity of Epigones
by Derek John

Keynote Edition II
ISBN 978-0-993527814
Published May 2016

& Other Family Curses
by Rebecca Lloyd

Keynote Edition I
ISBN 978-0-993527807
Published May 2016

Soliloquy for Pan
Soliloquy for Pan
(second printing)

ISBN 978-0-957160682
Published Sept 2015

Soliloquy for Pan 1st printing
Soliloquy for Pan
(first printing)

ISBN 978-0-957160682
Published June 2015

Bastards of the Absolute
Bastards of the Absolute
by Adam S. Cantwell

ISBN 978-0-957160675
Published April 2015

Written in Darkness
Written in Darkness
by Mark Samuels

ISBN 978-0-957160668
Published Nov 2014

Phantasmagorical Imperative
The Phantasmagorical Imperative
& Other Fabrications
by D.P. Watt

ISBN 978-0-957160651
Published Apr 2014

& Other Liminal Libations
by Molly Tanzer

ISBN 978-0-957160644
Published Oct 2013

Transfiguration of Mister Punch
The Transfiguration Of Mister Punch
by Cate Gardner, D.P. Watt & Charles Schneider

ISBN 978-0-957160637
Published Feb 2013

Tainted Earth
The Tainted Earth
by George Berguño

ISBN 978-0-95716062
Published Nov 2012

In Delirium's Circle
In Delirium's Circle
by Stephen J Clark

ISBN 978-0957160613
Published Aug 2012

Shadow Plays
by Reggie Oliver.

ISBN 978-0-957160606
Published Mar 2012



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