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Soliloquy for Pan

(first printing - for second printing see HERE.)

Louder than all trumpets sounds his voice alone, and at that sound fall helm and sword, the charioteer from his rocking car and bolts from gates of walls by night; nor might the helm of Mars and the tresses of the Furiai, nor the dismal Gorgon from on high spread such terror, nor with phantoms so dire sweep an army in headlong rout.
— Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica (C1st A.D.)

Soliloquy for Pan

The first run of this mammoth 350 page compendium of previously unpublished fiction, essays and poetry along with lesser known archive material, in praise, in awe, in fear of the great god SOLD OUT prior to its publication date of the 21st of June 2015. But a second printing was published on the 23rd of September 2015. See HERE.

The full contents are as follows...

A Magical Invocation of Pan by Dion Fortune
The Rebirthing of Pan by Adrian Eckersley
Panic by R.B. Russell
The Maze at Huntsmere by Reggie Oliver
The Secret Woods by Lynda E. Rucker
Faun and Flora: A Garden for the Goat-God Pan by Sheryl Humphrey
Pan With Us by Robert Frost
A Song Out of Reach by John Howard
Lithe Tenant by Stephen J. Clark
Pan by A.C. Benson (from an epitaph in The Greek Anthology)
A New Pheidippioes by Henry Woodd Nevinson
Goskin Woods by Charles Schneider
Pan’s Pipes by Robert Louis Stevenson
The House of Pan by John Gale
The Company of the Lake by Jonathan Wood
The Role of Pan in Ritual, Magic & Poetry by Diane Champigny
Leaf-Foot, Petal-Mouth by Bethany van Rijswijk
The Rose-White Water by Colin Insole
The Death of Pan by Lord Dunsany
Meadow Saffron by Martin Jones
The Lady in the Yard by Rosanne Rabinowitz
An Old God Almost Dead: Pan in the 1940s by Nick Freeman
A Puzzling Affair by Ivar Campbell
South-West 13 by Nina Antonia
In Cypress Shades by Mark Valentine
Honey Moon by D.P. Watt
Summer Enchantment by Harry Fitzgerald

The book was a lithographically printed, sewn hardback with colour endpapers and numerous antique illustrations throughout. It was limited to 300 copies.

ISBN 978-0-957160682.


Soliloquy for Pan

Soliloquy for Pan

Solilioquy for Pan

Soliloquy for Pan



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