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The Tainted Earth

George Berguño

The Tainted Earth features eight stories written in the tradition of European Fantastique, blending history with the uncanny, and the beautiful with the hideous and strange. The collection also includes a novella in three cantos, a bizarre story about one man’s search for a secret society dedicated to the preservation of useless tales.

Tainted Earth

The contents of The Tainted Earth are as follows:

The Tainted Earth
The Sick Mannes Salve
The Ballad of El Pichón
Fugue for Black Thursday
Mouse and the Falconer
The Rune Stone at Odenslunda
The Good Samaritan of Prague
Three Drops of Death
A Spell of Subtle Hunting
   Canto I – Historian of the Strange
   Canto II – Bibliotheca Abscondita
   Canto III – Kniébolo’s Lament
Notes to the Stories

Six of the eight stories, as well as the novella are previously unpublished and appear in The Tainted Earth for the first time. These stories are rooted in ancient European, Latin American and Far Eastern folk motifs; a characteristic which sets the book apart from George's first two collections (published by Ex Occidente). All of the stories embody George's lifelong fascination with death, impermanence, betrayal, regret, spiritual homelessness, and the imponderable nature of time.

The book is a lithographically printed, 224 page sewn hardback with colour endpapers. It is limited to 300 copies. ISBN 978-0-957160620.


Tainted Earth
Tainted Earth
Tainted Earth
Tainted Earth


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