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The Voice of the Air

Three Novellas

John Howard

“What would you have been?”

Voice of the Air

Dr Cristian Luca has lived through it all. From power and influence to near destitution, from audiences at the Royal Palace to sleeping on building sites, from manipulating people to dependence on the kindness of hidden friends, from a successful and happy marriage to loneliness and regret, Luca is a survivor. But there is a continuing price to be paid.

The Voice of the Air gathers three episodes from Luca’s life. As he thinks back over his career, the people and tumultuous events he has been associated with, small tokens from this past allow him to step out of his daily concerns and observe what may really be going on - the secrets that lie behind the rapidly changing world in which he finds himself.

Now available together for the first time, “The Fatal Vision” and “The Lustre of Time” were previously only published in highly limited editions. “The Process of Fire” appears for the first time. While these novellas are loosely connected, each is also intended to stand as an independent story which can be read on its own.

The book is a lithographically printed, 192 page sewn hardback with colour endpapers and frontis; limited to just 275 copies.

ISBN 978-1-916465756.

It can be purchased now for £36.00, inclusive of postage worldwide.

Please note that orders to EU countries may incur additional customs charges.

Voice of the Air

Voice of the Air

Voice of the Air

Voice of the Air



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