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Unquiet Grove

"Beneath the first thin layer of reality, an unhappy miasma of half-life remains. Make no mistake, the cooling embers of that which once was still effects the present."
- Nina Antonia


Unquiet Grove is Egaeus Press's latest collection of strange, dark and uncateg- orisable stories dedicated to the theme of tree-lore, woods and forests. What ageless mysteries they nurture within their menacing simulacra, their restless shadows. At their very heart.

The book comprises a hefty 288 pages, with 12 previously unpublished stories by some of the today's finest authors of the dark and grotesque, with an introduction by Nina Antonia.

The full table of contents is as follows:

Trespassers Forsaken: An Introduction by Nina Antonia
Roots by Die Booth
The Secret Plantings At Bostock St Leonards by Colin Insole
Burnt Orchard by Charles Wilkinson
The Fell by Alys Hobbs
At The Roots by Stephen J Clark
Rock Hopping by Adam L G Nevill
Overgrowth by John Howard
The Clearing by Sue Harper
Hyldemoer by R Ostermeier
The Dark Ballet Of The Trees by Jonathan Wood
In The White May by Mat Joiner
Uhripuu by Tracy Fahey

Edited by Mark Beech

The book is a lithographically printed, 288 page hardback with colour endpapers; limited to just 330 copies.

ISBN 978-1-838396091.


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