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Written in Darkness

Mark Samuels

...Written in Darkness, represents the quintessential statement of Samuelism. “I believe that mental isolation is the essence of weird fiction” he wrote in The White Hands and the isolation of the individual in society is still a major preoccupation, coupled with a singularly vivid understand-ing of the elusiveness of human identity. This last notion is at the roots of some of the greatest “horror” fiction of the past [....] but it is being tackled today, not least by Mark Samuels, with equal if not greater imaginative insight.
-  Reggie Oliver; from his introduction
Written in Darkness

The book contains nine uncollected stories, five of which are previously unpublished, along with an introduction by Reggie Oliver and calligraphy by Geoff Cox.

The full table of contents is as follows:

Introduction by Reggie Oliver
A Call to Greatness
The Other Tenant
An Hourglass of the Soul
The Ruins of Reality
My World Has No Memories
Outside Interference
My Heretical Existence
In Eternity Two Lines Intersect

The book was a lithographically printed, 128 page sewn hardback with printed endpapers. It was limited to 275 copies.

ISBN 978-0-957160668. Published November 2014.


Written in Darkness

Written in Darkness
Written in Darkness
Written in Darkness

The first 130 copies included an exclusive postcard, signed by Mark Samuels.

Written in Darkness



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