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Splendid in Ash

Charles Wilkinson

Charles Wilkinson has a natural talent for the weird—the uncanny, strange, horrific, macabre: call it what you will.
- John Howard

Splendid in Ash contains 17 previously uncollected stories by Charles Wilkinson, a writer whose seemingly effortless ability to turn the ordinary, the everyday, the outwardly mundane volte-face into regions of feverish weirdness is unrivalled.

Splendid in Ash

The full contents are as follows...

Introduction by John Howard
In the Frame
The Ground of the Circuit
Boxing the Breakable
The White Kisses
The Lengthsman
Absolute Possession
Mr Kitchell Says Thank You
Drawing Above the Breath
Aficionado of the Cold Places
The Solitary Truth
His Theory of Fridays
An Absent Member
Might be Mordiford
Legs & Chair
The Floaters

Splendid in Ash is likely to join Wilkinson's previous (long out of print) Egaeus Press collection, A Twist in the Eye (2016), as a much sought after and highly regarded volume.

The book has 256 pages; is a lithographically printed, sewn hardback with colour endpapers. It is limited to just 300 copies.

ISBN 978-1-916465701.

It can be ordered now for £35.00, inclusive of postage worldwide.

Splendid in Ash

Splendid in Ash

Splendid in Ash

Splendid in Ash


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